The House of Strings is a rich resource to support your interests in stringed instruments. We provide insights and advice to students, performers, and purchasers of instruments. A deep well of experience in international concert performances, musical scholarship, teaching, concert management and practicalities is available to enrich your performance. A range of selected instruments and accessories is available for purchase. Please look around here, explore the Q & A section, search the site for general topics, examine the items described and contact us to learn more.

Instrument Rentals

All our instruments are fully hand-carved, in good adjustment, in excellent condition and come complete with carbon fiber bows with real horsehair and case. Prices include insurance & New York Sales Tax. Click for more information.

Instrument Repairs and Adjustments

House of Strings will meticulously maintain or repair your instrument or bow. Our repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Bow rehair, new head plates in bone or plastic, silver winding, new leather grip
  • Glue open seams
  • Refit pegs or replace pegs
  • Plane fingerboard
  • Raise nut
  • Cut down or straighten bridge
  • Clean, polish, retouch
  • New sound post, bridge, tailpiece, endpin, chin rest
  • Tonal adjustments

At House of Strings we want pegs that work, bridges to be the correct height and no buzzes - as a minimum. It is difficult to get a beautiful tone out of an instrument that doesn’t work!

Studio Photography of Instruments

House of Strings has a full photographic studio and can take professional pictures of your instrument or bow for insurance, certification or traveling purposes.

Sales on Consignment

House of Strings can undertake the sale of an instrument or bow. Please call to discuss.

Insurance Appraisals

If you are thinking of getting insurance for your violin, viola, cello, or other stringed instrument, House of Strings can write an appraisal of your instrument and bow for insurance purposes.

Copies of Reference Articles

Laurinel Owen has published over 125 articles on string related topics and has been on “assignment” in France, Germany, Russia, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, China, South Africa and throughout the US. House of Strings will be happy to send you a free copy of any article.

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