A Bow



  • Up to $500
    • Holtz FG (fiberglass) real horsehair
    • Holtz Carbon Cadenza Overture Nickel Mounted Carbon Fiber
    • S. Eastman Select Brazilwood (BL60)
    • A. Eastman Nickel Mounted Pernambuco (BL80)
    • Cadenza Prelude Nickel Mounted Carbon Fiber
    • Eastman Silver Mounted Pernambuco (BL90)
    • S. Josef Carbon
    • CodaBow: Diamond NX
    • Arcos Brasil Nickel Mounted Pernambuc
  • $500 - $1,000
    • Arcos Brasil Pernambuco/ Carbon/ Silver IESTA
    • Marco Raposo Nickel/Pernambuco
    • Cadenza Master: Silver/Pernambuco/ Carbon
    • W. H. Wilhelm Nickel/Pernambuco
    • Stamped "Vuillaume" Nickel/Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • Ming Zheng (BL110)
    • Marco Raposo Silver/Pernambuco made in Brazil
    • Arcos Brasil Horn Frog with Fleur-de-lis / Silver/ Pernambuco
    • Marco Raposo Horn "Fancy" Silver Mounted Pernambuco
  • Professional
    • Lothar Seifert Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • John Norwood Lee Gold Mounted
    • Dörfler 3* Tortoise shell frog


  • $500 - $1,000
    • Arcos Brasil Nickel Mounted Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil: IESTA Silver/Carbon/Pernambuco
    • Cadenza Master: Silver/Pernambuco/Carbon Fiber
    • Marco Raposo Nickel Mounted Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • Francois Mouton Nickel Mounted Pernambuco
    • Marco Raposo Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil Silver Mounted Pernambuco with Horn Frog and Fleur-de-lis


  • Up to $500
    • S. Josef Carbon
    • CodaBow Diamond NX
    • Eastman BC 90 (Pernambuco/silver)
    • Eastman (Pernambuco/nickel) BC80
    • Cadenza Prelude (carbonfiber/composite)
    • Cadenza Overture Nickel Carbon Fiber
    • Holtz (fiberglass)
  • $500 - $1,000
    • Arcos Brasil Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • Marco Raposo Nickel Mounted Pernambuco
    • Cadenza Master Pernambuco/Carbon/ Silver
    • Arcos Brasil Nickel Mounted Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil Pernambuco/Carbon/ Silver IESTA
  • $1,000 - $2,000
    • Steffen Kuhnla Master
    • Arcos Brasil Silver "Special Edition" Pernambuco
    • Steffen Kuhnla Silver Pernambuco
    • Marco Raposo Silver Mounted Pernambuco
    • Arcos Brasil Silver/Horn with Fleur-de-lis /Pernambuco
  • Professional
    • Arcos Brasil Gold Mounted "Special Edition"
      From the east coast of Brazil, north of Rio de Janeiro, comes the Pernambuco tree. Highly prized and now on the endangered species list this precious wood, like all wood its quality varies. These bows feature only the very best resilient, flexible, yet strong sticks.
    • Johannes Miething Silver (Gold occasionally available) — Brussels
      Johannes Miething is a German bowmaker who has worked for many years in the workshop of Pierre Guillaume, one of the world's great makers. His bows are exceptionally beautiful, elegant and responsive to a sensitive player.
    • Roy Quade Silver — Calgary
      Roy Quade's wait list is two years long. He has won three gold medals, one silver and 17 merit awards in international competitions. His bows are played by soloist and professionals around the world.
    • Risto Vainio Silver
      Previously owned by concert cellist Maria Kliegel-Helsinki. This bow is exceptionally strong and would suit a very strong player. Vainio's bows are used by cellists such as Bernard Greenhouse, Maria Kliegel (who owns 8 examples), Leonid Gorokhov, Frans Helmerson and Arto Noras.
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