Recently Sold Violins

Enesco Euro Artist
Made in Romania this violin is made of European tone woods and is dressed in an orange brown varnished with tasteful shading. With Dominant strings and a Wittner tailpiece this will give a developing student a big step-up from the beginner models.
Stainer model c. 1920 Markneukirchen
Markneukirchen was the center of violin making in Germany before World War II. This violin is patterned after the model developed by Jacob Stainer in the Tyrolean style. Its high arching produces a sweet clear well-balanced tone noted for its clarity.
1830's German
Owned by a professional violinist and probably made in Mittenwald this violin has a beautiful one-piece back and the charm of age. The condition is excellent with no cracks and deserves serious consideration. Mature, complex sound.
William Miller, 1939 Buffalo, NY
A little-known American madder this violin is a very clean example in fine condition featuring one-piece back and smooth golden brown varnish. The sound is well developed and is exemplary tasteful.
Late 18th Century German
Made in Mittenwald this violin came to the United States where it was repaired by well-known Czech maker Joseph Urban in San Francisco in 1856. With an even-grained spruce top and medium-flamed maple back and ribs the violin’s sound is warm compelling, flexible and communicative.
Benjamin Phillips, 1955 Pittsburgh, PA
Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1886 Phillips moved to the US in 1902 where he made 150 violins and became known for his copies of Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù. This violin comes from Pittsburgh and was cared for by him until his death in 1977. Translucent orange-brown varnish with a golden, appealing and articulate tone.
Mark Moreland, 2006 China/USA
For a short time American violinmaker Mark Moreland worked for Eastman Strings. This violin was hand crafted in China under his exacting standards then he varnished and set up the violin in the US. The wood selection is thrilling and the slightly antiqued varnish a clear golden brown. Showing exemplary overtones, unequalled evenness and charismatic tone this violin would make any student proud and motivated.
Quercetani, Parma
Looking for an Italian sound? Warm, opulent, generous like the country itself this violin is a powerful singer and a real beauty. Comes with certificate. Limited availability.
Léon Bernardel, 1922 France
Léon was the son of the renowned luthier Gustave Bernardel and was inspired by Stradivari and Nicolas Lupot. This violin comes with a certificate from the Paris expert C. Pepierre. Full-throated, even and complex sound this is a player’s violin. This violin is the real deal.

Recently Sold Cellos

Enico Rossi, 1923
For the petite or growing cellist this 7/8-size has a big sound in a small package. Easy to handle with the narrow shoulders and short string length the tone is even and full. House of Strings offers 100% trade-in for a bigger size.
Todd Goldenberg, 1998 Maine, USA
Todd won the silver medal for his cello at the 2007 Violin Society of America International Violin Making Competition, an event that regularly has over 100 cello entries. Priced well below his current market price this is a special opportunity to own an instrument by an "up-and-coming" maker. The tone is focused, elegant, yet mellow.
Euro Artist
Made in Romania in 2004 this outstanding cello is modeled after a Domenico Montagnana from 1739 and features truly stunning wood. The golden brown varnish reveals an even-grained spruce top and wildly flamed back and ribs that will make you think you have a tiger in your hands. Its response is immediate and pliant with a tone brimming with personality and intensity perfect for the serious student.
Guy Rabut, 1994 NYC
Guy Rabut, one of the top makers in the US, was featured on the cover of The Strad magazine in October 1998. Laurinel Owen wrote that article. The cello is modeled after a Stradivari and is unusual in that the back and sides are made of willow, which gives the cello a warm, round, sensual tone. The cello is listed below Rabut's current new price.
Günter Meinel 1908 Mittenwald (restored)
Made a 100 years ago in Germany’s alpine village of Mittenwald, known for its world-class violin making school, this instrument shows its age with genuine antiquing. Guaranteed old wood its patina and age are reflected in the intangible character of “old” sound.
Guy Rabut, 1999 NYC
Another fine example of this modern master's work but modeled after Montagnana and made of maple this wide-bodied cello has the characteristic baritone voice one would expect from the larger size. In new condition and set-up by the maker the cello is listed below Rabut's current new price.
A. L. Paulus, Markneukirchen, c. 1920
Paulus moved to Germany's violin making center in 1890 and received the coveted title of Supplier to the Royal Court of Saxony, Dresden. This is a beautiful Strad model cello showing an expansive, yet detailed voice.
Ecivit Tunali, 2005 Istanbul
Now working in New York City at a world-famous violin shop House of Strings is pleased to represent him in the sale of this handsome instrument. Full-bodied, easy to play, balanced, colorful and warm. Worthy of serious consideration.
German, c. 1920
Though labeled “Joseph Guarnerius fecit Cremona 1732 IHS” this cello was probably made in Markneukirchen circa 1920, the period when this East German city had a large and thriving violin making industry. Made by several specialists, whose work was compiled to form this lovely instrument, the sound is fresh, lustrous and meaty.
Bronislow Cison, 2005 Chicago
Cison is a top maker in the William Harris Lee firm. This cello is typical: top workmanship, attention to detail and magnificent powerful tone. A player's instrument.
Semmlinger SOLO model
Laurinel Owen visited master violinmaker Lothar Semmlinger and his two sons in Germany in order to try and evaluate his cellos, for which he is world famous. The Solo model is made in very limited quantities. This cello has a deliciously defined tone that is focused, yet elegant, punchy, and yet mellow. Because of a favorable exchange rate it is offered far below list price.
Raymond Schryer, 2005 Hilton Beach, Canada
Ray Schryer is a Violin Society of America gold medal winner, which means both the workmanship and tone of his cellos met the highest standards of the competition. This cello was owned by the cello professor of a major university music department, who has purchased a Montagnana. It is in superb condition and priced below the current "commission" price.
Than Kim, made in workshop of W.H. Lee (Chicago)
Kim is one of the top maker's in the W.H. Lee firm in Chicago. His work is of a consistently high standard and the attention to detail is reflected in the evenness of tone, beauty of varnish and excellent projection. This cello is well suited for the conservatory student.
D. Haddad, 1993 Cape Town
Haddad studied nuclear physics. Then on vacation in Italy stayed in Cremona (the birthplace of Stradivari), attended the world-renowned violin making school, and stayed for 18 years. This cello is exceptionally smooth and creamy, well balanced, as well as comfortable in size.
German/Bohemian, early 1800s
Formerly owned by Juilliard professor Channing Robbins this cello would be worth 10 times more with a label by a known maker. This is a perfect instrument for the player looking for "old" sound.
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