Stringed-Instrument Buying Tips

by Laurinel Owen

A great sounding new instrument can motivate, inspire and make you sound better.

Buzzes, rattles, pegs that don't work, and bad set-ups can be the cause of frustration that
may eventually lead to defeat or failure. Playing a string instrument is challenge enough
without the headaches of bad equipment. Consider the following shopping advice:

  1. Call House of Strings for an appointment.
  2. Prepare music that will exploit an instrument's full pitch range.
  3. Listen for balance and even tonal color between strings.
  4. Test for power and projection. Dig in!
  5. Compare one instrument to another.
  6. Try to adapt to each instrument to pull out best tone.
  7. Keep an open mind concerning sound and feel.
  8. Don't be persuaded by price or country of origin.
  9. Don't be seduced by a "deal".
  10. If you don't like something have it fixed before you buy.

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